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Garment Decoration

Garment Decoration that fits you!

Decorating soft goods can be challenging!

You can choose to design your own using one of the large, nationally recognized web sites.  Of course, you need a little skill in design, and may spend hours trying and hoping you get your image and brand just right!

You can find one of the many small shops with limited resources, and hope you get the result you want!

You can trust that friend who has a hobby piece of equipment to make your 3 shirts in a timely manner that will stand up to wear and tear!


You can get the best of all of these options.  With Success Express you have the experience of a professional screen printer and the friendly service of a small, local shop.  For many years, we produced our own screenprinted garments using state of the art technology right in our store.  However, over time, it became increasingly obvious that our insistance on in-house printing was actually preventing us from meeting our customers needs.  By capping capacity and delaying production time, all while incurring the overhead necessary to keep this equipment running in top order, our customers were suffering.  Therefore, in 2010, we transitioned to a new model that allows us to combine the expertise learned as a printer with the cost and flexibility associated with partnering with some of the best contract companies in the country.

Our partnerships with top of the line, contract only printers and embroiderers located right here in the United States, allows us to fill orders quickly, with high quality, and most importantly, at a low cost to our clients.

Additionally, we have retained the capacity to do short run projects here in our office using our custom CAD cut vinyl system.  This is perfect for those projects that need less than 24 pieces.

So let us help you design and build your perfect branded project from start to finish.
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What We Offer

Here is a list of just some of the many items you can have decorated.  Whether you need one or one thousand we have a way to produce or source your projects for optimum results.

Professional Wear
Totes & Bags
Jackets & Outerwear
Towels, Blankets, Etc

Glossary of Decoration Methods

Custom CAD Cut Vinyl: Used for smaller runs and designs of 1 to 3 colors with no half tones.  We custom cut the vinyl and use a heat press to apply your decoration.  We have many colors available, including metallic and glitter.  Our product is sourced from only the most trusted providers of commercial grade vinyl to make sure your design lasts wash after wash. 

Inkjet Transfer:  Another cost effective alternative for smaller runs of full color designs.  These products have an ink jet printed design applied to your product.  Best for white or light garments, although some designs will work on darker garments.  Think iron on transfer as a comparable method.  This is best for that low run, high impact, limited use shirt.  Iron on transfers do not have a long wash life and will fade or crack much faster then vinyl.  However, the process has come a long way recently providing for a softer feel and more durability

Screen Printing:  Your traditional printed shirt method.  Each color of your design is imprinted with high quality ink that is then dried or cured to adhere to your shirt.  Excellent quality for mass produced shirts.  Minimum quantity of 24 pieces. 

Embroidery:  Your design is converted to threads and sewn on the garment.  Not all designs will work with embroidery and we are here to assist you in making that determination.  Best on business wear (sport shirts or wovens), jackets, and headwear.  Very durable and a great way to show off your brand.  Embroidery is subject to an initial set up charge (between $50 and $200) to convert your design to threads and is then priced based on the number of threads in the design and the number of garments decorating (you may mix and match your garments.)  We are happy to provide you a free quote of stitch count and cost before committing you to set up.

Leatherette Patches:  Our newest option, these leatherette patches provide the look of a sewn patch.  These patches can be elegantly laser engraved or have vibrant vinyl added.  They are then heat pressed to the garment of your choice (they look great on hats, carharts, and aprons!) to create an awesome, durable, short-run solution to your branding needs.  --- Are you looking for this style in larger quantities?  We have many suppliers through our promotonal product network that can provide larger volume pressed and sewn patches as well.

Sublimation:  This process uses special inks and fabric that bond together under high heat.  Sublimation has revolutionized the full color uniform business and creates unlimited possibilities for your league or club teams.

Direct to Garment Printing:  This is like an ink jet printer that prints your design directly on the garment.  It is an effective solution for full color designs on just a few pieces.  At this time Success Express does not do D2G Printing.
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