Available Types of Decoration
Vinyl: Used for smaller quantities and limited colors, we custom cut vinyl and use a heat press to apply your decoration.  Very durable and cost effective.  Prices start as low as $9.95/shirt.

Inkjet Transfer:  Another cost effective alternative for smaller runs of full color designs.  These products have an ink jet printed design applied to your product.  Best for white or light garments although some designs are available for darker garments as well.  Think iron on transfer as a comparable method.  Prices start as low as $14.95/shirt.

Screen Printing:  Your traditional printed shirt method.  Each color of your design is imprinted with high quality ink that is then dried or cured to adhere to your shirt.  Excellent quality for mass produced shirts.  Minimum quantity of 24 pieces.  Prices start as low as $5.95/shirt.

Embroidery:  Your design is converted to threads and sewn on the garment.  Not all designs will work with embroidery and we are here to assist you in making that determination.  Best on business wear (sport shirts or wovens), jackets and headwear.  Very durable and a great way to show off your brand.  Embroidery is subject to an initial set up charge (between $50 and $200) to convert your design to threads and then is priced based on the number of threads in the design and the number of garments designing (you may mix and match your garments.)  We are happy to provide you a free quote before processing your order.