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Growing Up Pink: Lessons Learned Inside the Mary Kay Bubble

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You think your family was strange!  I grew up inside a big Pink Bubble!!!!!

Growing up Pink! covers 50 lessons I learned as a Mary Kay Kid.

In 1974 my mother joined a relatively new company called Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc.  This direct sales cosmetics company was just eleven years old and based in Dallas, Texas.  Founded by Mary Kay Ash it was a different type of company for its time.  Her mission was to build a company that empowered and enriched the lives of women.  And everything about her company from the Pink cars to the mink coats to the party atmosphere of company events screamed different.

In 1974 I was three years old, my brother was five and my sister was eight!  For the rest of our lives this decision would effect us in every possible way!

Here it is 40 years later and I am married to a top Director in Mary Kay and we have two children of our own, plus a third by marriage.  Our oldest daughter has become the third generation of Mary Kay Consultants and is building her own career!  We are a Area in every sense of the phrase.

In 2013 Mary Kay celebrated its 50th anniversary as a company and I sat down to think about my own life long association with the company.  Not only has it impacted me as a child and husband but for most of my adult life I have built a business servicing segments of the sales force.  This exercise ended up with a list of 50 Lessons I had Learned as a Mary Kay Kid that was posted on Facebook®!  Within hours this list went viral.  From that little list I have created Growing Up Pink!

Who is this for?
Current or former Mary Kay Consultants
will enjoy this book as you will share in the examples of ways Mary Kay helps us grow personally, professionally, and spiritually

Entrepreneurs or budding entrepreneurs will enjoy this book as it teaches dozens of business principals for the small or home business model taken from building several successful businesses.

Leaders will enjoy this book as it teaches basics of Leadership from one of the most influential leaders of the twentieth century.

People in Director Sales will enjoy this book because the basic business structure for a successful Mary Kay business can be translated to many other at home businesses!

People in relationships will enjoy this book because a lot of the lessons I learned teach how to communicate and grow with your spouse or significant other.

Mary Kay families will enjoy this book because it will help you understand the company and how it will change your lives.

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About the Author:

Kirby Kirkpatrick was just 3 years old when his mother, NSD Emeritus Sue Kirkpatrick, joined Mary Kay.  He grew up in a household where the Mary Kay business was the primary source of income.  As an adult he has continued to be associated with Mary Kay by running a successful event planning business that assists National Sales Directors with planning area events.  Additionally, he is currently married to Ind. Executive Senior Sales Director Paula Kirkpatrick.