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Credits Charged for Reports:

ED Workplace - 15

ED Productive Conflict - 20

ED Management - 25

ED Sales - 25

ED Work of Leaders - 25

ED 363 for Leaders - 50

ED Group Culture - 25

ED Facilitator - 25

DiSC Classic - 15


Five Behaviors Personal Development - 25

Five Behaviors Team - 35

(Available in ED or All Types)

Five Behaviors Team Progress - 25


What is EPIC®?

The Electronic Profile Information Center brings high tech information management to the science of personality assessments.  As the Internet fully becomes our main source of training and education it is only natural that your DiSC® experience as well as Five Behaviors, and other assessment based training will be driven to the virtual platform.  EPIC® has been created to handle this reality.


All EverythingDiSC® and the new DiSC® 2.0 assessments are handled through an EPIC® account.  When you purchase an assessment from Success Express the EPIC® platform is used to create a customized link that is then sent you via email.  This personalized link gives you access to your assessment.  Your results are immediately scored by the platform and either made visible to you or held until your training.  Each completed profile is then permanently stored in the EPIC® system for future use.  So don’t worry, if you lose your profile, we can resend it to you.

Why do I care about EPIC® if it is just used by Success Express to manage assessments?

EPIC® is so much more!!!!  Do you have a large or growing organization?  Would you like to build your own database of DiSC® profiles for your employees or organizational members?  Would you like to have the power to issue your own assessment links 24/7?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are in luck.  You are able to have your own EPIC® account.  With this account, you become an administrator and have the ability to send assessments from the wide range of products in the DiSC® Classic and EverythingDiSC® Family.  (5 Behaviors reports are also managed with the EPIC® system but you must purchase a 5 Behaviors facilitation kit in order to access these.)

That sounds perfect, but how does it work?

The EPIC® system runs on credits.  You purchase an inventory of credits to store in your account based upon your expected usage.  Each assessment or report costs a certain number of credits.  For example, a DiSC® Classic 2.0 assessment  requires 15 credits.  So if you plan on issuing 10 assessments in your first month you may want to start with 150 credits in your account.  A credit pricing list of some of our most popular products is listed on the right of this page. 

Get your own EPIC Account or Purchase Credits Here