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Are you passionate about personal and professional growth?  Do you love to read?  Do you read with a purpose?  Then you should join our FREE Book Club.

Book Club

2020 Virtual Meeting Dates

What is it?


A Virtual Book Club for people interested in personal and professional growth.

February 25: 7:00 PM Eastern

March 25: 7:00 PM Eastern
April 29: 7:00 PM Eastern
May 27: 7:00 PM Eastern
June 24: 7:00 PM Eastern
July 27: 7:00 PM Eastern
August 26: 7:00 PM Eastern
September 28: 7:00 PM Eastern

October 28: 7:00 PM Eastern
November 30: 7:00 PM Eastern
December 28: 7:00 PM Eastern




Each month we will meet over video conference (Zoom) to share our thoughts and what we learned from that month's selection.  Books will be chosen from the thousands of professional  and personal development books on the market.  Care will be taken to source a variety of topics.  Each month you will receive an email with information about the next month's selection.  If you choose to participate for that particular month you are asked to RSVP with the provided link.  Only those who RSVP will receive that months meeting link and password.

May 2021's Book

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from all Amazon Sales that originate from this link.

Is this a good networking opportunity?


If you like relationship based networking then absolutely.  Our goal is that our members will get the opportunity to know each other during the sessions and out of that knowledge share ways we can help each other grow our businesses, locate employees, or even get leads on new and exciting positions.  We will NOT have a hard sell networking time like some networking groups. However, as we have time and resources there will be ways for you to get the word out how others in the group can help you grow your business.

Terms and Conditions:


As a member you agree to the following:


The Dare to Grow Book Club Presented by Success Express is an open forum without restrictions to membership.  However, we expect all of our members to conduct themselves professionally at all times.  Abusive or profane language or behavior will not be tolerated.  This is a non-political and secular forum where everyone is entitled to share their opinions and experiences without fear of recrimination.  Success Express reserves the right to revoke membership at any time.  Success Express, its aides nor its employees provide an endorsement of, or guarantee for, any services provided between members of this club.  You agree to hold Success Express, its aids, and employees harmless for any loss or injury sustained due to your involvement with this club or your interactions with its members.

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