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The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ is a revolutionary new approach TO team development.  Today’s work environment places a higher amount of importance on successfully working with a team then at any point in our post industrial history.  Gone are the days of a silo approach to work.  We can no longer just bury our head, do our best, and know we will come out on top.  Whether you are working on a project focused team, with a leadership group, or have a departmental team who answers to you it is imperative that your team works at the highest level to achieve organizational success.

Best selling author Pat Lencioni outlined what makes a team dysfunctional in his book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.  When Wiley Publishing merged with InScape® publishing an investment was made to merge the two business icons of Lencioni’s work and the DiSC® platform of personality assessments.  What developed was the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™.  This facilitator lead model allows any working team to process through the 7 levels of a dysfunctional team in a systematic way to build a unified understanding of each level.  This doesn’t mean a unified opinion, but instead a willingness to engage in productive discussion, effective accountability, joint commitment, and a unified understanding of how results will be pursued and measured.




How do I make this work for my organization?
First, we must determine if you have a team that is right for this program.  Can you answer yes to all of these questions.
  - Is your company a small number of people (from 3 to 12) or made up of units that form a relative small number of people? 
  - Do these small groups meet on a regular basis and are collectively responsible for results?
  - Are the members of these groups interdependent on each other to complete their own independent responsibilities?
  - Do you have (or are you) a team leader who is passionate about improvement, even if it is uncomfortable?
  - Are you willing to commit to the time necessary to see this program through.  The 5 Behaviors is designed as 2-3 day workshop depending on the current state of your team.  Because there can be a lot of emotional heavy lifting during the Trust and Commitment segments it may even go beyond that.  However, this program can be custom designed to fit even the tightest schedule.  Sessions can be held once a week, once a month, or even once a quarter!

If you answered yes to these questions then, congratulations, you have a team driven organization and The 5 Behaviors Model can work for you!
The next step is to determine how you will implement this program!

Option 1:  Bring in an outside facilitator.  Kirby Kirkpatrick is a certified 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ facilitator and is your key to working through the process.  Kirby engages with your team before, during and after the program to make sure you are getting the results you need for success.  We recommend your first 5 Behaviors program utilize Kirby.  One tenet of facilitation is that the leader can not be an impartial facilitator.  Additionally, he can provide the frame around which additional sessions are built.  If you are a larger organization with a human resource or education department who can provide facilitation services for teams they do not serve on then we have 2 additional options for you!

Option 2:  The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ Facilitation Kit provides all you need to bring this program to life in your organization.  It is available for retail purchase and is supported with an EPIC® account.

Option 3:  Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ Facilitator Certification.  Take the next step and become a certified facilitator for your organization.  This On-Line Course is 5 weeks in length and includes both in class out and out of class work to hone your abilities to be an expert Five Behaviors Facilitator.  These sessions run on a planned schedule with a cohort group and is conducted by the experts at Wiley,  so contact Success Express to find out when the next group is beginning!







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